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Edison Mortgage. part 2 – we got a “re-fi”!!


A while back I wrote about the enormous electric bills we had been receiving from Edison and how it was comparable to a mortgage. I mentioned that we got solar and this is the first month that we have seen such a difference.

Our Edison bill for January was…

>>>>drumroll please<<<<<<

$.81!! Jackpot!

Although we still have a solar bill which was $90, between the two we paid less than $91 which is insane considering this time last year we were not even living in our house but "fixing it up" in preparation to move in and our Edison bill was $110.

I think we caught a break here and I am very excited that our $200,$300, $400 energy bills are in the past.

P.s. I LOVE watching the meter go backwards… I visit it at least once a day. lol.


No such thing as “extreme couponing” in southern CA


The show “extreme couponing” is amazing and in fact I record it but, it is unrealistic, especially in southern CA. I’ll admitt it, when I saw the show I immediately ordered my 3 copies of the LA Times and started clipping away. I would come across good deals here and there but nothing like they do on the show “extreme couponing”. Although I can’t get hardly anything for free like the show promotes, I do continue to coupon and I really enjoy it… It’s a hobby. Here is a picture of my most successful trip. Groceries that retailed for $300 I only paid $120. I would love any advice on how to coupon in southern CA if anyone is willing to share:)