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Question of the day: Won’t you get attached?

Question of the day: Won’t you get attached?

Yes! Of course we will get a attached. Normal functioning people “attach” to people and things they care about. Parenting a child that you are not sure will stay in your home for 1 week or 1 year or forever is emotional especially when you think about how attached you are to that child.

It can be sad, happy, scary, nervous, challenging and lots of other “things” depending on the day and the child.

Our job is to make sure that baby is safe, nourished, held, kissed, bathed, fed and given lots and lots of love.

The attachment is very present but when the child finds his forever home whether it be with their bio mom/dad or an outside adoption we will know that our job was well done because we helped that child “attach” to a normal environment.

Attachment is everything to a child in foster care. If we don’t attach to these kids and show them what healthy attachment is then we have not done our job.

So whenyou ask me, “wont you get attached?” I will always answer “yes, that’s my job” attachment


A Love that’s fostered: take 1


11-3-14 Well, here we go. Our first experience as foster parents. We got the call yesterday at 2pm. I was confused because our home study worker had not yet sent us our approval email but I verified and we are indeed “approved”. The call was for a 1 yr old girl and after asking lots and lots of questions (yes we may be paranoid but hey! we are new to this) we decided YES! We would love to take her. About 15 later the placement worker called back and said she was placed with family. Slightly relieved I thought ‘wow Lord that was a great first trial run, Thanks!’ (why do I underestimate Him, I always underestimate Him…one day I will learn our God has the perfect plan). While I was on the phone with the placement worker after she said it was a no go she quickly said ” BUT…. We have another 2yr old girl that needs a home. So just like that we had our next placement. About 9pm last night I hadn’t heard from anyone to see if she was on her way, was she being placed with us? what’s going on?. So I called to see if everything was ok. Baby girl was in fact not ok and was being admitted to the hospital for evaluation. Am I nervous? Yes! Am I excited? Yes! Am I sad? Yes! This poor sweet baby girl has had it rough and I haven’t even met her. Praying for her and our family that we can fold her in and love her as she was designed and deserves to be loved. Let the adventure begin!