Alice & Wonderland Theme Bridal Shower


Two of the most amazing and creative people I know threw an Alice and Wonderland themed bridal shower at my house for one of my dear friends, Kassandra. It’s all in the detail, detail, detail…. Debbie & Salynn you are both amazing! Check out the pics


Our Very Hungry Caterpillar turned 1!


Our precious baby boy, Dean, turned 1 on November 23rd and we can’t believe how fast he has grown. He is such a sweet and amazing boy and we did not spare anything to throw him the most amazing birthday party. Take a look at our ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ party.

No such thing as “extreme couponing” in southern CA


The show “extreme couponing” is amazing and in fact I record it but, it is unrealistic, especially in southern CA. I’ll admitt it, when I saw the show I immediately ordered my 3 copies of the LA Times and started clipping away. I would come across good deals here and there but nothing like they do on the show “extreme couponing”. Although I can’t get hardly anything for free like the show promotes, I do continue to coupon and I really enjoy it… It’s a hobby. Here is a picture of my most successful trip. Groceries that retailed for $300 I only paid $120. I would love any advice on how to coupon in southern CA if anyone is willing to share:)


How to: hooded towel


Made some really cute hooded towels for a friend of mine who is having twin girls in November. Here is a step by step…

Step 1

Cut a hand towel in half then fold back the “decorative” edge about 2 1/2 – 3 inches and sew. You can add a ribbon or embellishment because this will be the top of the hood.

Hand towel cut in half and decorative edge sewn

Step 2

Fold hand towel (good sides together) length wise and sew.

Sew a seam where pins are inserted

Step 3

Open towel and fold down making a “cone” shape

Step 4

Sew cone about 3 1/2 inches down creating a “flat top” cone. Once sewn, cut off the top part of the cone making a straight edge.

Sewn & Cut

Step 5

Time to sew the hood onto the towel. Fold large towel in half and lay the hood (inside out) on top of the large towel with edges lined up together. Sew the two towels together following the edge of the hood to the large towel… hopefully this is making sense. Whala… you have your hooded towel. Please let me know if you have questions. Sorry the pictures aren’t the greatest.

This pic is just to demonstrate where to put the hood. You need to turn the hood inside out before you sew… see next picture.

Sew where pins are inserted

Follow and sew the hood entirely onto the towel

Loving the Library!!


The Highland Library is AMAZING! This Thursday I decided to do something a little different so I packed up the boys and headed to the Library. We got there about 10:15 and were really excited because apparently they were just about to start the “family story time”.  Mr. Tom came out and sang a song, read a book, sang another song, did a puppet show, another book and ended with a craft! I was very impressed. In addition to the activities they host, they  have small animals the kids can look at and of course they have so many fun books. We will definitely be back next Thursday. I looked at the Library’s website and they have a long list of things they offer every week. Check it out…

Highland Sam J. Racadio Library & Environmental Learning CenterJessica Sutorus, Branch Manager7863 Central Ave. • Highland, CA 92346-4107 • Phone: 909-425-4700

Sun Closed • Mon 10-8 • Tue 10-8 • Wed 10-8 • Thu 10-6 • Fri 10-6 • Sat 9-5
Branch Photo

Branch Location Map
From Where Are You Driving?
Address or Intersection:
State: ZIP Code:
               Canada               United States

Upcoming Events   Event Calendar

Early Learning ProgramsPrograms for Children 0-5 yearsTiny Hoppers Toddler Time: (Registration Required)Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m.Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m..Early Learning Playtime:  Saturdays 2-3pm


Children’s ProgramsPrograms for School-age ChildrenCritter Tyke Explorers:  Fridays 3:30-4:00pmSit, Stay, Read: Third Saturday of the Month at 3:00pm
Family ProgramsPrograms for the entire family to enjoy together.Garden Walk:  Mondays and Wednesdays 10-11amSaturdays 9:00 – 10:30amFamily Storytime:  Thursdays at 10:30amFamily Science Exploration: One Saturday a Month at 10:30am


Teen ProgramsPrograms for middle school and high school students.Thriller Dance Krew:  Wednesdays at 4:30pmThink you can dance? Show us what you’ve got as we learn Michael Jackson’s Thriller for Halloween!Teen Gamers Lounge:  Fridays at 4:00pm 
Adult ProgramsCreative Crafts for Adults: join us for this quarterly program as we create unique, recycled, useful, and more crafts to suit the seasons! Keep an eye out for specific days and times.Computer Classes: Lab Attendants are available to assist you with creating an e-mail, writing a resume, or other computer questions in the Computer Lab.
Movie NightEvery Tuesday Night in the Community Room: enjoy feature films and documentaries from our collection on the big screen for free! Check out our printed calendar or call ahead for movie titles as the theme rotates weekly:
First Tuesday: Adult Movie Night
Second Tuesday: Family Movie Night
Third Tuesday: Eco – Movie Night
Fourth Tuesday: Teen Movie Night

Scammed by Whirlpool…again


Two years ago we bought a brand new “fancy” washer and dryer set from Whirlpool thinking we were making this really great investment and we would have clean clothes for years to come… WRONG! We were scammed… here we are stuck with a broken washer that is going to cost $700 just in parts to get fixed!! What the heck, right?! Whirlpool is scamming people and I can say this because the washer we had before this one had been fixed three times for this very problem… shame on us for buying the same washer thinking our last one was just a “lemon”. Bottom line… Byron found out that the part was warrantee for 2 years since we bought it from Costco (I ❤ Costco) and it broke on us 1 week before expiration so parts were free. Here is a time-lapse of Byron taking apart our washer.

Have you received your mortgage from Edison?


Can you believe it?!

Have you received your mortgage from Edison this month? We have! If our regular mortgage wasnt enough Edison has the nerve to send us an additional house payment… oh wait…. never mind… that’s just our electricity bill! What in the world?! I couldn’t believe it… $500 for ONE month of electricity. Things have got to change!

We are doing a few things to reduce our bill but the most immediate is our new whole house fan. Byron installed this fan himself and one night we had our house down to 69 degrees! Yay! Go Byron. It set us back about $300 bucks but we saved $$ in the labor because luckily Byron will work for sweet tea and PB & Js. Here is the video from his project just in case you want to install one for yourself:

P.S. If you get motion sickness then get a trashcan because the video is not steady as Byron is panting and sweating  because our Edison bill prevented him from turning on the air for a week and it was a really tough job. Enjoy!