Day of Love a.k.a Valentine’s Day


I’m not a huge fan although now that I have children and it is always fun to find a reason to throw a party that is what I did… kinda…

I woke up Tuesday morning as normal, went downstairs, ate breakfast, watched a little news and then thought… ‘I should decorate since nobody is up and it will be fun to see their faces when they walk downstairs.’ Balloons, presents, hearts, pink milk, cinnamon toast (which they cut into custom hearts using cookie cutters) and lots of LOVE!

Later we went to celebrate with Blake’s preschool class to exchange valentines day cards and have yummy food (we brought cucumbers, cut into hearts of course, and dip. Here is Blake’s v-day card:

Blake's Valentine's Day Card:)

Blake collecting v-day cards from his buddies @ school

Last but certainly not least we went to Disneyland later that night.

Such a great day of fun and you may be thinking… what is all of this “hang out with the kids” stuff? Isn’t Valentines day suppose to be a day that you share with your significant other? My answer…

“well, yeah I guess, but we are not really into it and we can celebrate dinner, movies, flowers and candy ANYtime.”

Hope your Valentines day was filled with fun and lots of love:)



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