Have you received your mortgage from Edison?


Can you believe it?!

Have you received your mortgage from Edison this month? We have! If our regular mortgage wasnt enough Edison has the nerve to send us an additional house payment… oh wait…. never mind… that’s just our electricity bill! What in the world?! I couldn’t believe it… $500 for ONE month of electricity. Things have got to change!

We are doing a few things to reduce our bill but the most immediate is our new whole house fan. Byron installed this fan himself and one night we had our house down to 69 degrees! Yay! Go Byron. It set us back about $300 bucks but we saved $$ in the labor because luckily Byron will work for sweet tea and PB & Js. Here is the video from his project just in case you want to install one for yourself:

P.S. If you get motion sickness then get a trashcan because the video is not steady as Byron is panting and sweating  because our Edison bill prevented him from turning on the air for a week and it was a really tough job. Enjoy!



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  1. Have you seen any of the info for Edisons summer discount plan? We receive a $40 discount each month from June to October for letting them install a device on out air conditioner that allows them to “black-out” our air conditioner as they see fit. We’ve had it for two summers and have never had them turn off our air conditioner. Any little bit helps!

  2. I am going to have my husband watch this….great video I hope my hubby can do it!! Our bill was as much as yours this month too!!

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