My Peach Project Part 1


We have a neighbor who literally will stand at his kitchen counter, eat a pice of fruit or a vegetable and put the seeds from that produce directly into a pot and it will grow into a plant! What the heck?! His thumb must be so green it glows in the dark. Well aside his green thumb I must try this myself. So yesterday I ate a peach and there the pit was just begging me to put it in the ground so it can become a beautiful peach tree. hahahaha. This of course is so “easy” in my mind. Well I did some research and came down to this:

Take the peach pit and place it in a ziplock back with “sandy” soil and place in the fridge until 1/2 inch roots appear. Supposedly this fridge method is the most fail proof way to initiate roots. I will keep you posted with My Peach Project.


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