Monthly Archives: August 2011

Scammed by Whirlpool…again


Two years ago we bought a brand new “fancy” washer and dryer set from Whirlpool thinking we were making this really great investment and we would have clean clothes for years to come… WRONG! We were scammed… here we are stuck with a broken washer that is going to cost $700 just in parts to get fixed!! What the heck, right?! Whirlpool is scamming people and I can say this because the washer we had before this one had been fixed three times for this very problem… shame on us for buying the same washer thinking our last one was just a “lemon”. Bottom line… Byron found out that the part was warrantee for 2 years since we bought it from Costco (I ❤ Costco) and it broke on us 1 week before expiration so parts were free. Here is a time-lapse of Byron taking apart our washer.


Have you received your mortgage from Edison?


Can you believe it?!

Have you received your mortgage from Edison this month? We have! If our regular mortgage wasnt enough Edison has the nerve to send us an additional house payment… oh wait…. never mind… that’s just our electricity bill! What in the world?! I couldn’t believe it… $500 for ONE month of electricity. Things have got to change!

We are doing a few things to reduce our bill but the most immediate is our new whole house fan. Byron installed this fan himself and one night we had our house down to 69 degrees! Yay! Go Byron. It set us back about $300 bucks but we saved $$ in the labor because luckily Byron will work for sweet tea and PB & Js. Here is the video from his project just in case you want to install one for yourself:

P.S. If you get motion sickness then get a trashcan because the video is not steady as Byron is panting and sweating  because our Edison bill prevented him from turning on the air for a week and it was a really tough job. Enjoy!


My Peach Project Part 1


We have a neighbor who literally will stand at his kitchen counter, eat a pice of fruit or a vegetable and put the seeds from that produce directly into a pot and it will grow into a plant! What the heck?! His thumb must be so green it glows in the dark. Well aside his green thumb I must try this myself. So yesterday I ate a peach and there the pit was just begging me to put it in the ground so it can become a beautiful peach tree. hahahaha. This of course is so “easy” in my mind. Well I did some research and came down to this:

Take the peach pit and place it in a ziplock back with “sandy” soil and place in the fridge until 1/2 inch roots appear. Supposedly this fridge method is the most fail proof way to initiate roots. I will keep you posted with My Peach Project.

Virgin Blogger… Watch Out


Here we go, Here we go, Here we go, Here we go now. Give it away, Give it away, Give it away, Give it away now (Red Hot Chili Peppers? No? Ok Nevermind).

Well I have thought about it, thought about it and then just one more time, thought about it and now I am going to do it… Blog!

I have learned and experienced so many things in the past 5 years (married and now with 2 kids) and have yet to share some of the amazing things I have picked up or discovered on my own; I feel bad for not sharing sooner. Here is my vow as of this blog, to share those great things and hopefully help others who will actually read this.

Not that I have the answer to hunger or world peace but I try to gather useful tips and tricks (some of my own) and  apply them to my family’s life. Anything I can do to save $$, become more organized, or just flat-out make life a little easier I will try.  Some things help us and some things are a waste of time but I want to share this journey with all of you so hopefully it can help your family too.